To Win The Fight We Must Support Patients

As the burden of Cancer rises in Kenya, more and more families are getting affected. Each and every person, in one way or the other, is now affected by Cancer. It is not uncommon to fundraise money for overseas treatment, visit a patient in hospital or sadly bury a loved one robbed by the disease that kills over 27000 people each year.

Alive to the ever growing need to address cancer, the Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA) has maintained its focus and commitment to the cause of supporting patients. Besides the weekly Feed A Patient Programme that KENCANSA runs at the Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH), KENCANSA tries to reach patients in every other supportive, relevant and feasible manner.

During the month of April 2018, KENCANSA reached out to support Stoma World Kenya and the Kenya Association of Laryngectomees which are other patient based organizations in the wider cancer network.



At a cheque presentation event hosted at the KENCANSA grounds in KNH, KENCANSA presented cheques worth KES. 140,000 and KES. 50,000 to KAL and Stoma World respectively. While speaking at the event, KENCANSA Executive Director Grace Injene called on various stakeholders to join hands in the fight against cancer and give their support to the cause.

Also present were Ag. Board Chair Mutua Mutua who reiterated that for a long time patients have been neglected and progress has been slow in addressing the plight of cancer patients. Mutua added that a proper implementation of the government cancer strategy 2017-2022 would see the country move to a higher level in cancer control and management.



One of the main fundraising vehicles that KENCANSA uses to raise money is an annual signature event; Relay for Life which brings together various stakeholders and citizens. Last year it was held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre and this year it is set to be held in Nairobi again on September 29th to 30th .

You can also support a the Kenya Cancer Association today. Reach a patient make a Change. A Kenya without Cancer is possible.


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