Kenya Cancer Association asks Government to Dialogue with Doctors Urgently for the sake of Patients

Nairobi, KE
– Concerned about the ongoing doctors strike in the country, the Kenya Cancer Associationi wishes to urge the Kenyan Government to step up in haste and dialogue effectively with the doctors. The Kenyan doctors play a very significant role in restoring hope and life to many. Their work makes a change to thousands of families each day and to have them away from their required duty and calling is a tragedy the country cannot afford to have.

Kenya Cancer Association is saddened that many cancer patients who attend their chemotherapy sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays for example at the Kenyatta National Hospital, will not be able to get the much needed treatment if the strike is not called off. The hope exuded by patients is already dashed and their spirits dampened. The situation is further worrying because missed chemotherapy sessions may mean that a patient may have to restart the cycle or have delayed treatment which may cause worsening of the situation and increased complications. Aware that the cost of a chemotherapy session is as high as KES 14,000 it will be utterly disturbing to have a patient restart the cycle as the burden which is already very heavy, will become unbearable.

It is therefore the imperative of all major stakeholders to empathize and put themselves in the shoes of patients and effectively come to an agreement as soon as possible for the sake of the many patients who are suffering. Sickness and Disease does not know the government neither does it know the doctors, anyone could need treatment any time. The Kenya Cancer Association therefore calls the Kenya Government through the Ministry of Health and County Governments represented by the Council of Governors to fast-track the dialogue process with the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union. For the sake of the patients, let there be an immediate agreement to ensure that the doctors are back to work.

The Kenya Cancer Association is committed to Fighting Cancer in Kenya and reducing the burden of cancer in the country with a Vision of A Kenya without Cancer. The core focus areas of the Kenya Cancer Association is Cancer Patient Support, Cancer Advocacy and Research while carrying out Cancer Education Awareness. One of the main achievements that KENCASA has been able to do is to carry out a Patient Feeding Program at the Kenyatta National Hospital that reaches out to more than 800 chemotherapy patients each month. This represents hope that complements their treatment and road to recovery. KENCASA which is the oldest Cancer organization in the country is concerned about the welfare of Cancer Patients and other patients who may be affected by the strike.



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