KENCANSA Calls on Striking Nurses and Other Stakeholders to Solve Crisis

Nairobi, KE – STATEMENT from the Executive Director Deborah Olwal – Modi. Alive to the ongoing Nurses Strike in the country, aware of the critical and very significant role that nurses play in the healthcare systems, concerned about the dialogue and negotiations of the nurses, national government and the council of governors, saddened by the pain and suffering of many patients across the country, the Kenya Cancer Association[1] (KENCANSA) wishes to call upon the nurses, the national government and the council of governors to awake to the plight, pain and suffering of patients in our hospitals.

Cognizant of the nurses’ demands and the position of the national government and council of governors. KENCANSA calls upon all stakeholders to think of the patients first and remember that the patients are the most important constituents in the healthcare system. Without patients there is no healthcare cause. Without patients, there is no meaning to healthcare. Patients are the center of Healthcare.

Noting that patients have historically borne the brunt of such industrial action and stalemates, we cannot afford to take patients down that path again. Doctors may prescribe medication and do much but the efficient health systems need the nurses. Administering critical medicine like chemotherapy for example with cancer patients cannot happen without nurses. We do appreciate the very important role that nurses have played in improving the healthcare system and cannot downplay their contribution in making a difference in the lives of many Kenyans and their families.

We are still recovering from the effects of the doctors’ strike and disrupting patients’ treatment cycles will affect the journey towards optimum health and recovery for patients. For Patients Sake, we call for expedited talks among the nurses, the national government and council of governors. Let us not add pain and suffering to the patients. We commend the nurses at the Kenyatta National Hospital for continuing to offer their services during this period but they risk being overwhelmed if the strike is not addressed quickly.



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