Cancer Education and Awareness Creation

Our education and awareness creation is geared in the long run towards behavior change. This entails raising the level of public knowledge and awareness of the cancer risk factors and providing education on ways of mitigating them. The education focuses on warning symptoms and signs of cancer, the need to take prompt action and benefits of early screening / early diagnosis. Cancer education targets the general public and health care providers, and is expected to have great impact on the disease through increased prevention, screening and early diagnosis, as well as more effective management. In addition we also conduct community outreach programs as well as development and dissemination of IEC material

Learn At Work

Learn At Work is a general awareness creation iniative that targets corporates. The program provides cancer education to staff during a one hour lunch break at the workplace, or any convenient time. The staff are trained on selected topics including; a brief overview about cancer, risk factors, common cancers and early detection as well as treatment options. After a successive training, KENCASA offers two volunteer staff an opportunity to attend a full day seminar on `Psychosocial support for cancer at the workplace’. If you would like us conduct a Learn At Work session at your work place, kindly reach us on the contacts below to make a booking.