About Us

Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA) is a nonprofit organization established in Kenya in 1995 after recognition that Cancer was emerging as a leading cause of death in the country. We are a people-centric organization taking the lead in cancer elimination through awareness and support. Kenya Cancer Association (KENCANSA) has remained true in fulfilling its purpose effectively in the areas of education, county engagement, service delivery, research and advocacy. Kenya Cancer Association is a current international grantee of the American Cancer Society, receiving financial support to strengthen its organizational capacities in governance, financial management, operations and administration, program management, financial sustainability, and other domains of organizational development. Kenya Cancer Association is also a current licensed partner with the American Cancer Society’s global relay for Life program. While American Cancer Society provides funding for Kenya Cancer Association organizational strengthening activities, it does not endorse any products or services offered by our grantees.

Mission & Vision Statement


Our Vision is to one day have a Kenya without cancer


To mitigate the rising burden of cancer through provision of advocacy, education, public awareness, research and cancer patient support in collaboration and partnership with other key stakeholders.


  • Cancer Education & Awareness
  • Cancer Research & Advocacy
  • Cancer Patient Support
  • Our values


    We are open and ethical in everything we do and accountable for our actions.


    We are a trusted source of cancer information and support, driven by the best evidence available.


    With courage and conviction, we unite and empower others with a strong message of hope for a future without cancer..


    We are committed to achieving the best possible cancer outcomes for the community through the best use of knowledge and resources.


    We value and recognize the contribution of volunteers within organizations and communities..


    We are passionate, considerate, respectful and empathetic toward those individuals and families touched by cancer and our colleagues.